What is the River of Grass Greenway?

Parallel to the Tamiami Trail (US. 41), the ROGG will be a hard-surfaced 12-14 foot wide corridor (separated from the highway) suitable for a range of non-motorized recreation activities such as bicycling, walking, bird-watching, photography, fishing, and general enjoyment of the greater Everglades natural area.

The goal of the ROGG is to extend from Krome Avenue (eastern edge of Everglades National Park near Miami) to the outskirts of Naples/Marco Island (western terminus to be determined).  In the middle, there will be a three mile spur to Everglades City.

Focus on Education, Sustainability, and Involvement

ROGG is much more than a recreation corridor.  An important facet of the pathway is the potential for environmental education and stewardship.  The pathway will be designed and built for sustainability, with acute awareness of potential environmental impact.  Addressing the needs of citizens, local businesses along the pathway, and governmental and tribal officials is crucial to the conceptualization and development of this unique greenway.

More info:   ROGG_fact_sheet.



ROGG development is orchestrated by the Friends of the ROGG (FROGG).  All members are VOLUNTEERS.  We strategize, seek support from all entities, write grants, update partners, do presentations, establish new partnerships, organize the annual Everglades Ride, pretend to be webmaster .... the whole enchilada. 

The ROGG is an ambitious goal that is attainable only with widespread support.  Join the Friends of the ROGG (FROGG) today to increase our support base.